Lirik Lagu Love Me Justin Bieber, Auto Flashback ke Jaman Lagu Awal Do'i Saat Debut

Lagu lawas Justin Bieber--Tangkapan layar youtube Justin Bieber

SEPUTAR GRESIK - Lirik Love Me Justin Bieber bikin auto flashback ke masa lalu saat doi debut.

Justin Bieber Love Me lagu yang bisa bikin kamu flashback ke awal justin merintis karyanya.

Berikut lirik lagu Love Me by Justin Bieber, khusus untuk kamu:

This JB

My friends say I'm a fool to think

That you're the one for me

I guess I'm just a sucker for love

Cause honestly the truth is that

You know I'm never leaving

Cause you're my angel sent from above

Baby you can do no wrong

My money is yours

Give you little more because I love you, love you

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